Chelsie Owens


Chelsie Owens is a full-time student at TCC in Norfolk, Virginia with a lot of irons in the fire. She currently spends her time in between classes pursuing a nascent musical career as well as the occasional modeling gig. She has a keen interest in Japanese culture and intends to study overseas in Japan or attend AMDA in New York upon completion of her degree in Social Science.
Chelsie’s debut “Severed” was released on December 6, 2015 and her follow-up single “Save Your Breath” on April 1st, four months later; both songs feature some amazing fretwork by the inimitable guitarist Milt Gore. Chelsie currently has her sights set upon recording a full album of original material and is actively looking for live performance opportunities throughout the Hampton Roads region. 





Kelsey Vivien

Norfolk singer/songwriter Kelsey Vivien is a young lady with a distinctive voice. We recently finished recording her ninth and final track for her (thus far) digital-only album “Play Pretend”. All nine of these songs are available at digital retailers everywhere but here is a link to her catalog at Spotify as well as her official music videos.


David Haught

David Haught is a prolific young songwriter whose rough-edged yet soulful voice and insightful lyrics cut straight to the heart of his songs. This piano-only accompanied version of his “Damned if I Do” lets the genuine quality of David’s songwriting ring clearly.


Boobie Stoops feat. Jeremy Barnes

“On the Line” features the dynamic and humorous lyricism of Byron Johnson in outrageous flow as his alter-ego Boobie Stoops and the ferociously nimble guitar acrobatics of Australian über-shredder Jeremy Barnes layered over a relentlessly driving jazz-inflected electronic groove.


Brenda Walston feat. John Toomey

Dubbed by a mutual friend and fan as “rainy day music in a good way”, “I Miss You” is a nicely ambient swing waltz graced with the gospel-tinged soaring and emotive vocals of chanteuse Brenda Walston and the ethereal piano of John Toomey.


Mikayah feat Jae P Renee

Written by singer/songwriter Tina Micula and skillfully performed by Míkayah, “So PHAT” is a catchy song of celebration with a casual beach vibe that also embodies an important message about women’s empowerment and self-image.